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Big Data sorgt für optimale Windausbeute

Danish energy company Vestas Wind Systems will use IBM big data analytics software and powerful IBM systems to improve wind turbine placement for optimal energy output. Turbine placement is a major challenge for the renewable energy industry, and Vestas expects to accelerate the adoption of wind energy internationally and expand its business into new markets by overcoming this challenge.
The final solution cut the processing time from 3 weeks to 15 minutes and cut server energy consumption by 40%.
Vestas is addressing the issue of turbine placement by using IBM BigInsights software and an IBM „Firestorm“ supercomputer to analyze petabytes of structured and unstructured data such as weather reports, moon and tidal phases, geospatial and sensor data, satellite images, deforestation maps, and weather modeling research to pinpoint installation. The analysis, which used to take weeks, can now be done in less than one hour.


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